Transmission electron microscope

RCNF’s 200 kilovolt FEI Talos Arctica cryoelectron microscope is equipped with a BioQuantum Gatan Image Filter to remove inelastically scattered electrons, a Volta phase plate for contrast enhancement, and a Summit K2 direct electron detector for optimal detector performance at high resolution. This configuration is suitable for both single-particle and tomographic studies. The instrument is piloted remotely from an adjoining control room outfitted with automated collection software such as SerialEM. Using aberration-free image shift, with a good specimen the TEM can collect thousands of images per day and can produce single-particle reconstructions at 2.5Å resolution. Batch tilt-series for tomographic reconstruction can be collected with 140° tilt range.

The Talos Arctica is operated at a constant stage temperature of 79 K. All samples are introduced via the “autoloader” 12-sample-handling robot. Facility staff load samples to the autoloader and perform instrument alignments. Because of the nature of experiments on the Arctica, the minimum reservation time is one day, during which we expect at least 16 hours of instrument use will be possible. In-depth training is available and encouraged for scientists who anticipate recurring use of the instrumentation.