M.D./Ph.D. or M.D./Joint Ph.D. Program

Interested students can work toward an M.D./Ph.D. or an M.D./Joint Ph.D. with QB as (one of) the Ph.D. program(s). This education consists of:

  • First 2 years: Take the medical school curriculum; complete 2-3 research rotations; take USMLE Step 1 exams
  • Next 3-4 years: Conduct thesis research and participate in longitudinal clinical activities
  • Final 2 years: Complete core clinical clerkships; take USMLE Step 2 exams; apply for residency 

The medical education program (including application instructions) is described here.  Selection of the QB program for the Ph.D. or part of the Joint Ph.D. is normally done in conjunction with the student selecting her/his research group.