QB students

Larry Cheng
Pharm.D., Rutgers University (2014)
M.B.A., Rutgers University (2015)
Advisor: Bin Tian
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Studying alternative polyadenylation in the placenta and cancer by analyzing data derived from RNA sequencing technologies
New Jersey Medical School-University Hospital Cancer Research Center
Room F1240
Megan Dilorio
B.S., Quantitative Biology University of Delaware
Advisor: Arek Kulczyk
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Using cryo-electron microscopy to study DNA replication proteins
Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
Room 208H
Jennifer Jiang
B.A. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Rutgers University
Advisor: Wei Dai
Characterizing the 3D architecture of macromolecular machinery in their cellular environment using cryo-electron tomography (cryoET), correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and focused ion beam (FIB)
Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
Room 208G
Dan Liu
B.S., B.A., A.S, Pharm.D., M.B.A. etc) M.S. in statistics University of Connecticut
Advisor: Sijian Wang
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Develop and evaluate effective statistical methods to make causal inference and identify the biological mechanisms underlying complex diseases
Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
Room 308D
Changpeng Lu
B.S., Physics
Wuhan University (2018)
Advisor: Sagar Khare & Sijian Wang
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Protein design or prediction using deep learning models, such as graph convolutional neural network, generative models and structural biology data analysis using unsupervised learning methods and statistical methods

Douglas Pike
B.A., Biology
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (2005)
Advisor: Vikas Nanda
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Designing and characterizing peptides to simulate early-life redox reactions
Center for Advanced Biotechnology & Medicine
Room 138
Elizabeth Rosenzweig
B.S., Bioinformatics
CUNY NYC College of Technology (2017)
Advisor: Derek Gordon
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine

Jan Siess
A.S., Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Bergen Community College (2014)
B.A., Biomathematics
Rutgers University (2017)
Advisor: Not yet determined
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine

Stefjord Todolli
B.S., Biology & Chemistry
Lockhaven University of Pennsylvania (2010)
Advisor: Wilma Olson
Affiliation: Computational Biology & Molecular Biophysics
Constructing a model for the linker histone and its interactions with nucleosomal and linker DNA
Wright Rieman Laboratories
Room A211
Zishuo Zeng
B.S., Food Science
South China University of Technology and Rutgers University (2013)
M.S., Statistics and Biostatistics
Rutgers University (2017)
Advisor: Yana Bromberg
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Building a model to predict protein functional changes due to genetic mutations
Lipman Hall
Room 221
Anbo Zhou
B.S., Biotechnology
Rutgers University (2014)
Advisor: Jinchuan Xing
Affiliation: Quantitative Biomedicine
Disease gene identification, Structural variant analysis
Life Sciences Building
Third floor