Poster Printing

Posters will be printed for Center residents and non-residents.  Form of payment is through an IPO or a funds transfer journal entry.  Cash or credit card payments will not be accepted.


  • Printing requests - Email IQB Tech Support with the poster file to be printed, giving at least a week's notice.  Copy Jonathan Hackett on the email so he can assign an invoice number.  Use the attached blank form, or request one from our office.
  • Invoicing - Complete the form and return to IQB Tech Support, with a CC to Jonathan Hackett, before the poster is printed.  
  • Payment - The requester's lab will prepare an IPO (internal PO) or journal entry for the charges.   For Labs with multiple poster requests throughout the year, a blanket IPO can be  created.  The IPO must charge one account only, i.e. grant or startup acct, and invoices can be paid against this IPO throughout the year


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