Graduate Program in Quantitative Biomedicine


Why Quantitative Biomedicine?

If you are excited to engage in interdisciplinary studies and research to tackle challenging problems in biology and medicine, then take a good look at the Quantitative Biomedicine (QB) graduate program.  QB is committed to training the next generation of researchers expert in the quantitative sciences for productive and rewarding careers at the interface with biology and medicine.

  • QB students become broadly educated and develop the ability to strategize and collaborate with other members of multi-disciplinary teams—preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders.
  • This education can be pursued by any of three routes:
    • Students may apply directly to the graduate program in QB.
    • Students may apply to the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School M.D./Ph.D. program and also apply to QB, leading to an M.D./Ph.D.
  • Our students are guided individually to address their specific interests and needs.
  • Our 125 faculty members come from 35 STEM and medical departments.
  • All of our students take an immersive—and fun—2-week Boot Camp that imparts the principles of the program.
  • We offer numerous educational offerings on varied topics that complement traditional courses.

Contact Us

Please send all questions and comments to:

Sagar Khare, Ph.D. 
Graduate Program Director, Quantitative Biomedicine 
Associate Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, School of Arts & Sciences
Resident Member, Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine