The Rutgers CryoEM & Nanoimaging Facility (RCNF) specializes in high-resolution imaging of cells, molecules, and other soft matter preserved in its native state by vitrification. We currently operate three electron microscopes: a cryo-transmission electron microscope, cryo-scanning electron microscope, and cryo-focused ion beam/scanning electron microscope. Our cryogenic light microscope allows multimodal correlation.  Additional equipment includes Leica ACE600 rotary shadower (for e-beam deposition of platinum or carbon) and plunge-freezers: FEI Vitrobot Mark IV, and Leica EM-GP. The facility is available on a fee-for-use basis, with preference in scheduling and pricing to members of the Rutgers community.

Most projects will begin with a scoping consultation with facility staff. We aim to foster the development of expert cryo-electron microscopists across all Rutgers campuses. The RCNF is also open to external users with particular emphasis on the biotechnology industry.

For more information, contact facility staff directly or write to the RCNF general mailbox: rcnf@iqb.rutgers.edu