Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access at IQB


The Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine (IQB) is a Rutgers University center-of-excellence for interdisciplinary quantitative biomedical research.

IQB is committed to preparing undergraduate and graduate education students for the scientific workforce as researchers and faculty members in the physical, mathematical, and biomedical sciences in alignment with the university’s diversity strategic plan priorities.

The Institute is committed to
(1) to recruit, retain, and develop a diverse community of faculty, students, and staff through targeted online activities and in person events
(2) to promote inclusive scholarship and teaching, particularly in IQB Graduate Course, Seminars, Boot Camps, and Crash Courses;
(3) to define substantive and sustainable community engagement, focusing on internal activities as well as community events;
(4) to build the capacity of leaders to create inclusive climates, and publicly recognizing strong Leadership
(5) to develop institutional infrastructure to drive change by bringing the IQB community into planning and action

Past and Present Initiatives


IQB DEIA Committee

Wei Dai (Chair), Stephen Burley, Sagar Khare, Michelle Sanghera, Christine Zardecki

The committee thanks Gregg Crichlow and Shamara Whetstone for their participation in the Inaugural Planning Committee.

Interested in joining the Committee? Please contact Michelle Sanghera.