Crash Course: The PDB @ 50 - Celebrating Protein Data Bank Contributions From Rutgers University Structural Biologists From The Last 50 Years

Tuesday, November 2 2021 • 1:00 PM

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1:00–1:05 pm

Welcome and introductions
Stephen K. Burley, M.D., D.Phil.: Founding Director, Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine

1:05–1:25 pm

Protein Data Bank at 50 years of age
Stephen K. Burley, M.D., D.Phil.: Director, RCSB PDB; IQB; SAS-C&CB; CINJ

1:25–1:45 pm

Structural biology of transcription and transcriptional regulation
Richard Ebright, Ph.D.: WI; SAS-C&CB

1:45–2:05 pm

Structural elucidation of beta-(1,3)-glucan synthase from Candida glabrata using
cryo-electron tomography

Wei Dai, Ph.D.: IQB; SAS-CBN

2:05–2:25 pm

Use of structural information to guide successful design of HIV/AIDS treatments
Eddy Arnold, Ph.D.: CABM; SAS-C&CB; CINJ

2:25–2:45 pm

How Colicin E1 stoppers the multidrug efflux pump TolC
Jason Kaelber, Ph.D.: IQB; Rutgers Cryo-EM and Nanoimaging Facility; CINJ

2:45–3:00 pm


3:00-3:20 pm

Bacterial response regulators: Diverse regulatory mechanisms enabled by
structurally conserved domains

Ann Stock, Ph.D.: CABM; RWJMS-B&MB; CINJ

3:20–3:40 pm

Solving protein structures with proton detected solid-state NMR: 15 years of progress
Andrew Nieuwkoop, Ph.D.: SAS-C&CB

3:40–4:00 pm

A story from under the poisonous umbrella: Towards cryo-EM structure determination
of the ribosome-Shiga toxin complex

Arek Kulczyk, Ph.D.: IQB; SEBS-M&B; CINJ

4:00–4:20 pm

Investigating alpha-Synuclein amyloid seeding processes by NMR
Jean Baum, Ph.D.: SAS-C&CB


4:20–4:40 pm

Conformational plasticity in molecular recognition
Gaetano T Montelione, Ph.D.: Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute-C&CB (previously Rutgers CABM; SAS-MBB)

4:40–5:00 pm Structure determination of small proteins by single-particle cryo-electron microscopy
Vasileios Petrou, Ph.D.: CII; RNJMS-MB&MG
5:00–5:20 pm Receptor binding and entry of Hepatitis C Virus
Joe Marcotrigiano, Ph.D.: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
(previously Rutgers CABM; SAS-C&CB)
5:20–5:40 pm Nucleic acid structures and the Protein Data Bank
Helen M. Berman, Ph.D.: Director Emerita, RCSB PDB; IQB; SAS-C&CB
5:40-5:45 pm Closing remarks and acknowledgements
Stephen K. Burley, M.D., D.Phil.