Joint Students

Blacklock, Kristin
B.S., Biological Sciences & Math
Chapman University (2013)
Advisor: Sagar Khare
Affiliation: QB/CCB
Two-domain protein design via loop-directed domain insertion
Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Rooms 204 & 208
Cheng, Larry
Rutgers University(2014)
Rutgers University (2004)
Advisor: Justin Drake
Affiliation: CMPharm/QB
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Room 4533
Gaines, Colin
B.S., Chemistry
Pennsylvania State University (2014)
Advisor: Darrin York
Affiliation: CCB/CBMB
Investigation of the structure, dynamics, and reaction mechanism of the twister ribozyme through the use of a variety of computation tools including MD, QM/MM, and Constant pH MD simulations.
Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Room 308
Gates, Colin
B.S., Chemistry & Biology
Rutgers University - Newark (2013)
Advisor: Charles Dismukes
Affiliation: CCB/CBMB
Improving the efficiency and applications of Photosystem II via modeling and modification
Gray, Jonathon
B.A., Chemistry
Taylor University (2015)
Advisor: Not yet determined
Affiliation: CCB/QB
Hernandez, Nancy
B.A., Biology
Grinnell College (2013)
Advisor: Sagar Khare
Affiliation: CCB/CBMB
To develop a general computation-guided pipeline to redesign metalloenzymes for efficiently biodegrading toxic anthropogenic environmental pollutants. This work is supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Rooms 204 & 208
Malliaris, Constantin
M.S., Physics
New York University (2010)
B.S., Chemistry & Physics
Harvard (2004)
Advisor: Alexander Morozov
Affiliation: Physics/CBMB
Employing genetic algorithms to evolve organisms that combine elementary linear algebra operations to perform higher order linear algebra tasks (e.g., matrix inversion)
Hill Center
Room 263
Moretti, Alysha
B.S., Chemistry & Biochemistry
Widener University (2013)
Advisor: Kathryn Uhrich
Affiliation: QB
Synthesis and characterization of rationally designed amphiphilic macromolecules (AMs) for bioactive delivery and inhibition of atherosclerotic pathogenesis
Panda, Anshuman
B.S., Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012)
Advisor: Gyan Bhanot, Shridar Ganesan
Affiliation: Physics/QB
Cancer Genomics: Identifying biomarkers of response to immune checkpoint therapy and to conventional therapy for the purpose of predicting the risk of early recurrence
Pushkar, Alexandra
M.A., Applied Math
University of Maryland (2016)
B.S., Mathematics
National Research University, Russia (2012)
Advisor: Not yet determined
Putnins, Matthew
M.S, Biomedical Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology (2014)
B.S., Biomedical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology (2013)
Advisor: Sanghyuk Lee
Affiliation: BME
My research interest is studying the innate immune response and other biochemical pathways in the cell using single molecular and super high resolution microscopy techniques.
Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Room 308
Qadri, Maria
M.S., Biomedical Engineering
The University of Connecticut (2011)
B.S., Engineering & Biomedical Engineering
University of Hartford (2009)
Advisor: William Craelius
Affiliation: BME/QB
My current research interests center on physiological modeling, clinical monitoring, and medical diagnostics. I am creating an ideal intracranial pressure model to observe analytical index changes under controlled physiological conditions, and using that knowledge, I will identify equivalent patterns in my analytical index within clinical cerebrovascular physiology. This work focuses on intervals preceding intracranial hypertension in the recordings of severe traumatic brain injury patients who are under continuous monitoring in surgical intensive care units.
Biomedical Engineering
Room 201A
Reilly, Eve
B.A., Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Rutgers University (2012)
Advisor: Not yet determined
Affiliation: MMG/QB
Romanus, Melissa
M.S., Computer Engineering
Rutgers University
B.S., Computer Engineering
Tufts University
Advisor: Manish Parashar
Affiliation: ECE/QB
Design and implement a domain-specific language enabling users to define complex scientific workflows more expressively. Integrate this work with exascale computing architecture advancements, including burst buffers, to accelerate the time it takes to glean insight from simulations
Spendlove, Kelly
B.S., Mathematics
Montana State University (2012)
Advisor: Konstantin Mischaikow
Affiliation: Math/CBMB
Woltz, Ryan
B.S., Biochemistry
University of California - Davis (2013)
Advisor: Gaetano Montelione
Affiliation: CCB/CBMB
Integration of multiple structural and biochemical techniques, (i.e. NMR, X-ray) to determine protein dynamics and interactions with macromolecules