Proteomics/IQB@R and CABM Seminars Series | Spring 2017

Wednesdays 12:00 pm

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Wednesday, January 18

Ileana M. Cristea

Princeton University

Title: A Portrait of the Human Organelle Proteome in Space and Time During Viral Infection

Location: CABM 010
Seminar Host: Sang-Hyuk Lee

Wednesday, January 25

Michael Hecht

Princeton University

Title: Toward Artificial Proteomes: Sustaining Life with Proteins Designed De Novo

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Sagar Khare 

Wednesday, February 1, Noon

Dina Fonseca 

Rutgers University

Title: Arboviral Control Priorities in the Northeastern US: “The [first] thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Location: CABM Room 010


Wednesday, February 8

Hong Li

Rutgers University - NJMS

Title: Proteomics Analysis of NO-induced Redox Modifications of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Stephen Burley


Wednesday, February 15

Viacheslav Manichev

Rutgers University 

Title: The Helium Ion Microscope - A New Tool for Nanoscale Studies of Materials 

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Wei Dai 

Wednesday, February 22

Charles Dismukes

Rutgers University 

Title: The Chemical Mechanism of Photosynthetic Water Oxidation & Why We Need to Know

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Lu Wang

Wednesday, March 1

Jon Clardy

Harvard Medical School - Harvard University 

Title: Chemical Ecology and Drug Discovery

Location: CABM Room 010

Wednesday, March 8

Albert Berghuis

McGill University

Title: Bugs VS. Drugs: Antibiotic Resistance in Atomic Detail 

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Stephen Burley

Wednesday, March 22

Yu-Shan Lin

Tufts University

Title: Understanding and Designing Cyclic Peptides 

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Lu Wang 

Wednesday, March 29

Antonina Mitrofanova

Rutgers University - Newark

Title: Systems Biology Approaches to Elucidate Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Prostate Cancer

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Stephen Burley 

Wednesday, April 5

Hung Do

Amicus Therapeutics

Title: Extreme Personalized Medicine- Novel and Effective Approach for Treating Lysosomal Storage Disorders

Location: CABM Room 010

Wednesday, April 12

Chris Sander 

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, Boston

Title: Large scale prediction of protein 3D structures from evolutionary couplings 

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Stephen Burley

Wednesday, April 19

Bridget Carragher

New York Structural Biology Center

Title: The Role of Automation in Addressing the Challenges of Macromolecular Microscopy

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Wei Dai

Wednesday, April 26

Daniel Raleigh

SUNY Stony Brook

Title: Islet Amyloid Formation and the Biophysics of Beta-Cell Death 

Location: Proteomics Room 120
Seminar Host: Lu Wang

Wednesday, May 3

Stephen Hughes
National Cancer Institute 

Title: Clones of HIV-Infected Cells Arise in Vivo in the First Few Weeks Following Infection

Location: CABM Room 010

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