Physical Chemistry Seminar Series | Fall 2016

Fridays 12:00 pm
Proteomics, Room 120

February 3
Shyam Vyas
Senior Scientist, CCDC North America
The Cambridge Structural Database: understanding molecular interactions by standing on the shoulders of really smart people

March 10
Weitao Yang
Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics
Duke University
The wonders of electron density: from half an electron to noncovalent interactions of biomolecular complexes

March 24
Lawrence Williams
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Rutgers University
The Protein Game: A New Approach to Describe Protein Energetics

March 31
Ana Monica Nunes
Research Associate, Center for Integrative Proteomics Research
Rutgers University
Structural and Dynamic NMR Studies of Integrin-Collagen Interactions

April 14
Biswajit Santra
Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University

April 28
Peter Kahn
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Rutgers University

May 12
Sylvie Rangan
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rutgers University